YouTube and Law Firm Videos: How to Stop Related Videos on YouTube

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Law firms and other professionals can find YouTube to be a bit like the Wild West — unfamiliar territory with possible hidden dangers lurking.

One obvious danger — or annoyance — is that YouTube can add “related videos” at the end of your firm’s videos.  Related videos are videos with similar subjects, as well as seemingly random videos, that show up in a grid pattern when your video is finished.

Getting Rid Of YouTube Related Videos on Law Firm Videos

“Related Videos” Show Up Unbidden on YouTube

Lawyers and law firms are understandably skittish about YouTube adding “related videos” to the end of their legal updates and other videos – when they have no control over what could show up.

Here’s an example of related videos that show up at the end of my video on how to deliver better law firm webinars for business development.

Start at minute 4:23 below.


Removing Related Videos From Videos Embedded on Your Law Firm’s Website

For SEO reasons, we upload our law firm clients’ videos onto YouTube. Then we embed each video on the law firm’s website.  Done properly, no related videos will show up at the end of an embedded video.

If related videos do show up, have someone check the “embed code” and add this: &rel=0 (that’s a zero, not an ‘o’).  That will remove the related videos.  It’s a little bit techy – but worth it.

Avoid Related Videos by Creating A YouTube Channel With Playlists

Another way to avoid related videos is to create a YouTube channel for your law firm. Then create Playlists to organize your videos by topic.

The way Playlists work is they lead the viewer from one video to the next in your Playlist — automatically.  There are no related videos at the end of any of them.

You should then send clients and prospects to your YouTube channel to watch your Playlists.

The Bad News — Individual YouTube Videos Will Still Have Related Videos

YouTube adds related videos at the end of individual videos it hosts. Every time you search on YouTube (or Google) for a video, it returns a list of videos.  Each video will have related videos at the end. There is no way to avoid it as of this writing.  If that changes, I will update this post.

There are work-arounds to make the related videos less noticeable — but nothing will make them go away when a video is found though search, or watched as an individual video on YouTube.

In my opinion — suffering through related videos is the price you pay to get the powerful benefits of using YouTube to get found by your clients and prospects.

What’s your opinion?


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