Why on demand training works for onboarding — time and billing

Stop Delivering Repetitive On-boarding Workshops Live Again and Again

We offer customized on-demand training programs for law firms — so you can stop doing the same onboarding workshops like “Time and Billing” and “Delegation and Feedback” workshops over and over every time your firm gets new lawyers.

Imagine a scenario where your firm acquires 20 or 50 or 100 new lawyers through a merger with another firm. How can you possibly get all of those lawyers up to speed and billing properly right away?

What about those situations where you get 3-5 new associates space over 4-8 weeks — each in 10-12 different offices? Do you have to find a way to deliver your Time and Billing program 5, 10 or 15 times in the space of a month or so?  It is just not practical to do those sessions in person. And yet it’s the perfect chance to inculcate the firm’s ethos for client service by teaching them how and why your firm approaches billing clients and describing