Webinar Workshops

Law Firm Webinar Workshops and Coaching


1.   Five Steps To Law Firm Webinars That Get Business

Targeted law firm webinars build goodwill, cement relationships and allow lawyers to showcase their expertise in solving clients’ business problems.  Our overview webinar workshop is designed to teach lawyers to prepare and deliver a webinar that achieves their business development and visibility goals efficiently.

We cover:

  • Getting the right audience to show up
  • Designing an interesting webinar
  • What NOT to do in first 5 minutes
  • How to keep the audience interested
  • How to sound interesting and engaging (not boring)
  • Highlighting your expertise in interesting ways
  • What to do to get business from a webinar
  • Gathering information to identify hottest prospects
  • Single biggest mistake lawyers make in webinars

This program is ideal for lawyers and professional staff.


2.   Advanced Webinar Strategy: Maximizing Law Firm Webinars to Get Leads and Clients

Increasingly law firms rely on webinars as a business development tool.  But most law firms miss completely the most valuable aspect of webinars for business development — the valuable client and prospect information that could be obtained during the webinar.

Learn advanced webinar techniques including how to gather and use this key data to identify emerging client needs and target leads for follow-up, as well as other strategic advice.

We also cover:

  • Mastering polling questions – A to Z steps including scripts for lawyers to follow
  • How to use advanced reporting to target your best prospects
  • 7 different webinar types and what can best be achieved with each
  • How to increase the number of webinar registrants by 10-50% with one video tactic
  • One great way to increase your invitation list and easily promote your webinar
  • Our “content ring” step-by-step strategy for promoting webinars
  • How to re-purpose your webinar content for more exposure

This program is ideal for lawyers who do webinars, lawyer leaders such as practice group heads and marketing partners, as well as professional staff.


3.   Law Firm Webinar Team Coaching

We offer webinar team coaching for a specific webinar, start to finish. We will work with the speakers (and professional staff) for a specific webinar to help you get the result you want and to improve the design of the webinar and performance of the speakers.

PRIOR to the webinar event we:

  • Design the webinar
  • Focus the goals and content
  • Review slides
  • Create effective polling questions
  • Target and get the best audience
  • Suggest best ways to promote the webinar
  • Increase registrations
  • Plan webinar follow-up

REHEARSALS AND COACHING a few days prior includes:

  1. Individual coaching for each speaker, with videotaping
  2. Team coaching or “webinar dress rehearsal,” with videotaping

Contact us at 202.251.3390 to discuss your webinar coaching project.  We will customize a program to meet your particular needs.