Webinar: Stop Random Legal Thought Leadership

March 22, 2013 | By
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STOP Random Legal Thought Leadership

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“How to STOP Random Legal Thought Leadership
START Getting Results”


In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • To create a path for clients to follow — right back to your ‘content hub!’
  • How to tie together client alerts, articles, speeches and webinars — so they matter
  • How to take one “piece” of content and turn it into 2-3 more types of content
  • How law firm websites can showcase each lawyer’s Thought Leadership effectively

 Marsha Redmon, Esq. is a former practicing lawyer and TV journalist who teaches lawyers to raise their profiles to get the recognition and business they want. For 13 years she has delivered workshops and coaching for law firms and lawyers on: public speaking, webinars, media interviews,pitches, video marketing and Thought Leadership.
 Robert Algeri, co-founder of Great Jakes Marketing, designs websites for law and professional services firms.  Great Jakes builds sophisticated websites for law firms, using a next-generation web-marketing paradigm that is designed specifically for mid- and large-sized law firms.  Visit www.greatjakes.com

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Marsha Redmon is a former practicing lawyer and television journalist who has been teaching lawyers to get the business and recognition they want through business development, communications, video and media interview workshops and coaching for the last 16 years. Contact her at: info [at] marsha [dot] com or 202.251.3390

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