Top 5 Tips – Lawyers Using the Media to Get Clients

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Lawyers can use the media to get clients by providing business-oriented trend stories to reporters. Here is our Top 5 List to help get you noticed by the press:

1–Choose Your Audience: Narrow your focus so you can be specific and relevant to your core audience. Generalities are neither helpful nor memorable.  Narrowing your audience will — counter-intuitively — broaden your appeal.

2–Identify Hot Topics: Knowing what is developing in an area of business, regulation, or industry is valuable information. Of course, no one KNOWS what will happen, they predict trends based upon educated guesses informed by facts. That’s all anyone expects.  Go ahead — appoint yourself  a “trend-spotter”  in your area of practice!

3–Write Out Your Quotes Beforehand: The best way to get the quote you want is to literally write it down before the interview. Most interviews of lawyers are done by phone, so you can look at what you have written during the interview.  Limit the other things you say – so other points you make don’t inadvertently become your “quote.”

4–What Makes a Lawyer Quotable? Quotes are short and pithy.  Lawyers who get quoted speak in short sentences — not whole paragraphs!  Use visual  or descriptive language.  Don’t get too detailed.  By the way — legal jargon is NEVER quotable.

5-Tell Stories to Demonstrate Your Expertise: Some lawyers bore clients with “war” stories that put the focus on themselves rather than giving the client useful information. The key distinction is this — stories are relevant when you tell the client right up front WHY the story is similar to their situation or otherwise useful to them.

Are you ready to get business by using the media?  Check out my Media Interview Skills workshop.  You’ll leave the workshop with at least one story ready to pitch to the media!


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