Legal Thought Leadership has changed. Dramatically.

What used to work to raise your profile as a lawyer doesn’t work any more.

And now the competition for airtime — or attention — has increased dramatically.

We offer Legal Thought Leadership workshops and coaching for partners — so lawyers will know what it takes to own a niche in 2019.

The old ways don’t work.

Understand how you can help clients see your expertise.

How many webinar invitations have you received this year for an event on the impact of Cyber Threats? How many client alerts?

Do you wonder how you can be more effective in reaching the right people with your resources?

We cover:

  • A realistic assessment of  Legal Thought Leadership as a business development strategy in 2019
  • What lawyers and firms need to do differently now
  • Why video is the #1 tool lawyers should use in 2019
  • The problems and benefits of Social Media in successful profile raising
  • When Thought Leadership is the wrong strategy
  • A hot topic checklist to help you identify a compelling topic in your niche
  • Examples of successful Thought Leadership at law firms big and small