Workshops for Women Lawyers

Powerful Presence: 6 Steps to Greater Impact for Women Lawyers

• Do you know how your body language and voice make or break the first impression people have of you?

• Are you aware of the best way to “toot your own horn” to raise your profile in a way that others find interesting?

• Do you know the one thing many women lawyers fail to do that harms their careers the most?

• Are you aware of which words or phrases can rob you of power – and do you know what to say instead?

Much of your success as a lawyer depends on your ability to communicate clearly and with a strong presence.  In this workshop you will learn to use your innate strengths to connect, make your point and advance your career.

Whether you are working in a law firm, in house or for the government – you’ll benefit from this interactive workshop.

Let’s Do Lunch: Business Development Your Way for Women Lawyers

  • Have you ever tried to turn the conversation to business, and failed?
  • Does the idea of “hard sell” tactics make you shudder, but you’re not sure what to try?

Sustainable business development happens when you can be authentic – while stepping out of your comfort zone a little.

This workshop teaches a realistic approach to business development skills for women lawyers.

In this practical series, you’ll learn what you can do now for more effective, targeted business development that flows from your natural style.

Using the example of a business lunch, find out what works and “what not to do” to get business.

Also begin practicing skills that will help you excel in your practice and in developing business throughout your career.

Topics include:

  • Making the switch: shifting the conversation to business
  • Two crucial skills women have naturally
  • Choosing the right targets to develop and deepen relationships
  • Exercise: Use checklist to target two client types (optional)
  • How to advance the relationship
  • How to ask for business