Communications Workshops for Lawyers

Presentation Skills + Public Speaking For Lawyers — Overview Session and Small Group Videotaping

Our Presentation and Public Speaking workshops with Small Group Coaching can train approximately 15 lawyers per day in one office — including videotaped mini-presentations for each lawyer.

This is a very popular workshop  because it maximizes firm resources in terms of cost and lawyer time.  AND STILL it includes 2 videotaped mini-presentations with feedback for each lawyer.

Sessions are customized to meet the needs of the firm.

(a) Topics

  • Qualities of a good presenter
  • Getting the attention of an audience and keeping it
  • Making your point
  • Qualities of a good presentation
  • Dealing with nervousness
  • ** Other content as requested

(b) Small Group Videotaping sessions

  • Videotaped baseline presentation
  • Exercises to address delivery issues
  • Checklist for quickly preparing presentations
  • Strong openings and closings
  • ** Other content as requested

Oral Briefing Skills — Getting to the Point

In this workshop, associates learn to be more effective in those shorter oral communication settings that are not a formal presentation or speech.  We focus on scenarios that range from a new associate reporting to a partner on a research project to updating a client on the phone (or the practice group) about a motion argued in court.

Associates do mock “oral briefings” in small groups – focusing on delivery skills and content.  Other topics may include an extemporaneous briefing exercise, getting to the point in meetings; listening skills, executive briefings; and tips for handling conference calls and video conferences well.

Extemporaneous briefing is the skill we are most often asked to teach to mid-level and more senior lawyers.

After this workshop, participants will know:

  • How much detail is enough
  • How to get to the point
  • How to seem poised even when nervous
  • How to sound poised and professional on the phone
  • How to structure “off the cuff” remarks in the moment
  • The keys to appearing confident

Communicating Effectively with Clients and Colleagues

This hands-on workshop covers the art and science of communicating effectively with clients and colleagues.  Core issues include choosing the right method to communicate in every situation and paying attention to the tone used. Lawyers will work with realistic examples and case studies, so they can begin to apply these best practices right away.

This workshop will be customized to suit the level of lawyers in the audience.  Focus can be on communication best practices and mistakes with clients, or colleagues or both.

Topics include:

  • Latest research on why email is often ineffective
  • Knowing when to use email, phone or an in person meeting
  • How to choose the right level of formality in every communication
  • Common associate communication mistakes
  • The importance of follow-up and balancing responsiveness with the need to consult others
  • Avoiding common “tone” mistakes in emails
  • Group and meeting dynamics – where to sit and how to get control
  • How to handle bad news

Powerful Presence: How to Make a Strong First Impression

Much of your success as a lawyer depends on your ability to communicate with a strong presence. Learn how to use your innate strengths to connect, make your point and appear confident.

  • Find out how your body language and voice add to or subtract from first impressions and your “presence”
  • Learn which words or phrases can rob you of power
  • Understand where to sit and what to do to be in charge
  • Test yourself with our ten step “How Powerful Lawyers Communicate” checklist
  • (optional)  Tips for gathering your thoughts in the moment
  • (optional) Personal messaging – how to talk about your practice or expertise

This workshop can be customized for associates, partners or any combination of practice or experience level.  It can range from one to three hours long.

Optional: We can videotape all or select participants in order for them to get the maximum benefit from the workshop and see lasting change.