For more than fifteen years, Marsha Redmon has been helping lawyers get clients and make a great impression when they give speeches, make presentations, talk to the media and pitch for new business.

We work with lawyers primarily. And accountants, consultants and others in professional services.

We don’t do off-the-shelf, run-of-the-mill “presentation skills” or “business development” workshops for the masses.

  • We understand what law firm partners like and don’t like
  • We know how long (or not) their attention span can be
  • We can grab the attention of associates and keep it
  • We know what it takes to succeed in the practice and the business of law
  • We can help in the design and implementation of professional development curricula — communications and business development as well as other soft skills

All of our seminars are customized to your specific needs and participants.

We will make sure we understand your goals, assess the participants, and adapt each seminar to achieve those goals in the shortest time possible.

We cover what your lawyers want and need. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Call 202.251.3390 or e-mail mredmon [at] for more information.