Thought Leadership for Lawyers + Media Interview Training

Becoming known in a niche is a powerful tool for lawyers to develop their practices.

We help with every aspect of Lawyer Thought Leadership from identifying the niche, developing topics, identifying the right audience and practicing the skills needed to speak, do media interviews, write articles, and to do client and prospect events to own the niche.

Our programs are available as Keynotes and workshops for retreats, meetings and luncheons

 Raising Your Profile Through Public Speaking and Writing

Do you know the one sure fire way to turn public speaking into a business development opportunity?
Can you grab the attention of an industry audience every time?

In our Raising Your Profile Through Public Speaking and Writing workshop, lawyers will learn how to choose the right speaking and article opportunities, how to choose topics to get noticed and how to leverage speaking opportunities before and after the speech.

Oh yes, we also cover how to give a great speech and enjoy it!

Our workshops include videotaped speech practice with individualized feedback.  Videotaping can be done in small groups or individually.

After this workshop, lawyers will be able to:

  • Grab the attention of any size audience
  • Know how to get business by speaking
  • Always re-purpose every speech and article
  • Use examples of their expertise to highlight their points
  • Provide useful information that engages the audience
  • Feel comfortable while speaking
  • Present with confidence and power
  • Handle tough questions
  • Connect with the audience


Media Interview Skills

Seven seconds. That is the average length of a quote today on TV news stories. Print quotes are slightly longer.
Can partners in your firm deliver the quote the firm needs in 7 seconds? If not — they won’t get quoted.

Our customized Media Interview Skills workshop includes videotaped practice and individual feedback.

After this seminar participants will:

  • Get more of the quotes they want in interviews
  • Explain complex issues in a concise and compelling way
  • Feel more comfortable in interviews
  • Have messages and quotes to use in interviews
  • Know the “rules” for dealing with reporters
  • Deliver quotes with enthusiasm & power
  • Prepare quickly for each interview
  • Know how to control the direction of interviews
  • Avoid misquotes & being taken out of context


Advanced Media Rehearsal Seminar – For media savvy partners

Our Advanced Media Rehearsal allows experienced partners to take their  interview skills to the next level, to create and practice new quotes, or to prepare for a specific media interview or series of interviews.

We include intensive videotaped interview rehearsal. We do our homework so the mock interview questions are realistic. We research the firm, its competitors, and the issues so we can ask the tough questions too, at the appropriate time. If needed, we will turn firm messages into quotes for different “audiences” — legal and trade press, consumer or financial press.