LMA Atlanta: “Your Lawyers Are Doing Webinars — Now What?”

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“Your Lawyers are Doing Webinars –Now What?”

Atlanta Legal Marketing Association

The group’s number one question was: “How can lawyers get more business from law firm webinars?”

In this advanced webinar workshop we discussed using advanced webinar features like webinar polling and surveys to do market research.  Marsha also covered how to determine which webinar participants are the best leads or prospects. Another key skill to use lawyer webinars most effectively for business development is targeting and grading leads.  And finally, we discussed how legal marketers can help lawyers to follow up with the best prospects discovered during the webinar.

Click here to watch our video overview of this LMA program.

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Marsha Redmon is a former practicing lawyer and television journalist who has been teaching lawyers to get the business and recognition they want through business development, communications, video and media interview workshops and coaching for the last 16 years. Contact her at: info [at] marsha [dot] com or 202.251.3390

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