Law Firm Video: Rapid Video Development

Video Strategy and Production for Law Firms

 Sample of  A Branded Video Series for Law Firms

 Our Law Video Strategy + Production Services: How It Works

Our “Rapid Video Development Process” is a step-by-step system that allows law firms to quickly produce their own branded and professional video content that meets client needs and raises the firm’s profile.

Our process is a complete system that provides every element required for video production and distribution. From the opening graphics to script templates, as well as a consistent shooting and editing methodology and video distribution system, our “Rapid Video Development Process” will allow a law firm to produce the volume of video content it needs and wants.  Maintain control and keep your firm branding intact by having your own brand-specific video system designed to match your firm’s culture and achieve its goals.

What You Get

– We design and create a branded animated video opening and closing for each video series
– Templates for identifying topics and goals of lawyers
– Templates for scripting the content for each type of video
– Process to optimize video shoots for a consistent look and simpler editing
– Process to distribute and leverage each video
– Search Engine Optimized (SEO) video description and tagging templates and distribution scheme
– Step-by-step instructions to re-purpose and re-use each type of video

Types of Videos

– Hot Legal Topic
– Common Client Questions
– Executive Summary of Client Alert
– Top Tips, Common Mistakes or Warning
– Leverage Webinar or Speech content
– Key Issues on Developing Topic
– Lawyer or Practice overview for Biography page

How It Works

Option #1: We Produce.

We do everything for you. We will consult on topics, types of videos to meet your goals, coach the lawyer speakers, shoot and edit the videos.

We provide professional videographers and all equipment.  We will also design the process to distribute and leverage each video.

Option #2: We Teach You, We Co-Produce.

We consult with you, design branded video templates, graphics and a process to create the type of video you need.  We train your staff.  Then you can do in-house the steps of your own video production and distribution that you feel comfortable with. We will do the rest.

For example, some clients prefer that we always shoot and edit their videos. They handle scripting the videos and then distributing and re-purposing the content. We are always available to assist with more complex video projects.

Option #3: We Teach You, You Produce.

We consult with you, design your system and train your staff, and you do all of your own video production and distribution.

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