Law Firm On-demand Time and Billing Training

On average, law firms lose $20,000 to 40,000 per timekeeper per year due to incorrect or incomplete time entry.

Source: “Billable Hours: Under-Reported and Killing Your Firm’s Bottom Line,” Legal Management Magazine, October 2010.

Time and Billing Training When It’s Needed — Anywhere — Anytime

Most law firms deliver their Time and Billing training LIVE multiple times in multiple offices each year — every time the firm gets new lawyers. Make your on-boarding cost effective and efficient with customized, on-demand training. You’ll never again have to schedule and coordinate a live training as new lawyers arrive.  In fact, there’s no reason to ever do a “live” Time and Billing training again.

How many partner hours and other firm resources are wasted doing the same training over and over in each office each year?

Why On-Demand?

Quickly train lawyers in every office with no added cost or need to travel using our customized on-demand training.

  • We create your own firm-specific Time and Billing on-demand training
  • Make on-boarding new lawyers more efficient and cost-effective
  • Lawyers can take the training anytime they want — it is available 24/7
  • Lawyers can take the training anywhere they want — using any computer or their iPad!
  • Deliver consistent content to every lawyer throughout the firm
  • Deliver a consistent training experience for lawyers in every office — even remote or smaller offices
  • Maintain an on-line, always available resource for lawyers to review

How It Works

  • Fully customized training to teach your firm’s culture and approach to billing
  • Teaches your time entry and billing process and rules
  • Secure, password-protected access to content
  • Rich learning platform uses video and audio clips to engage learners
  • Interactive exercises and quizzes reinforce concepts
  • Reports automatically generated to track lawyer progress and training completion

Multiple Hosting Options

  • Hosted on law firm’s own learning management system (LMS) or intranet
  • Hosted on our secure servers with law firm branding and password-protected access

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