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Long road to competencies!

Most law firm competency based compensation systems include business development and communication skills for associates and young partners.

How is your law firm putting a comprehensive competency based business development and communications curriculum into place quickly?

Marsha Redmon Communications’ Business Development and Communications Curriculum(customized to fit your firm’s competency system) covers those communication and client development skills that most competency based systems require.

Cost Effective: The curriculum is designed so that most courses may be taught live in all offices at once, so that multiple courses (customized for each level) may be delivered cost effectively.  Some intensive skill building courses are delivered in person by our consultants.

Course Design: This business development and communications curriculum has four key areas:

  1. Business development through skill- and relationship-building
  2. Communicating effectively in every situation
  3. Raising your profile in order to develop business
  4. Optional: Client service “your way” — a  highly customized workshop that is based on a firm’s particular culture of client service

The curriculum offers two levels of courses:  core and skill-building.  Each area has one core course that provides fundamentals and an overview of key learning.  Various hands-on skill-building workshops are offered in each track to focus lawyers on applying the knowledge and getting comfortable with the skills needed to excel at business development and communications – at each level in a firm’s competency system.

Extra Options: Distance Learning Courses: Marsha Redmon Communications offers additional business development and communications courses in a distance learning (on demand) setting.  Accessing the courses is easy.  Participants take courses online individually – at a time that is convenient for each of them.

Online course offerings include:

  • Using Webinars to Get Business Now
  • Looking Like a Team in Presentations & Pitches
  • Staying in Touch to Get Business
  • Listening Skills for Lawyers

We are happy to create other on demand courses upon request.

To talk about our unique way of delivering a cost-effective and complete business development and communication curriculum customized to match your competency based system— contact us at info [at] marsha [dot] com.

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Marsha Redmon is a former practicing lawyer and television journalist who has been teaching lawyers to get the business and recognition they want through business development, communications, video and media interview workshops and coaching for the last 16 years. Contact her at: info [at] marsha [dot] com or 202.251.3390

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